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It's a well known fact that the world of fashion retailing, specially when it comes to luxury items, is a lucrative one. There's a lot of money to be made as long as you partner with a good supplier with a great product who offers you the right terms for trading. We are proud to say that at Studio Empoli we easily offer the internet's best business terms to our dropship resellers.

Unlike most fashion brands, dropshipping is not a side business for Studio Empoli. Rather, it's a central part of our marketing and distribution strategy. That is why we dedicate specialized human and technical resources to our dropship program. We ensure that our dropship partners make more money with our program than they could with any other dropship program on the internet! That's why we offer you the amazing benefits mentioned below.

150% Retail Markup

The biggest concern most dropship resellers have is that they don't get enough margins from a supplier to make a good profit. That's why at Studio Empoli we ensure that you get a clear 150% markup on all of our products. We will charge you just 40% of our retail prices on our official website studio-empoli.com for each item we deliver to your customers! We absorb all shipping costs for product delivery and returns on our end to ensure your full 150% retail markup.

High Ticket Items

It's an established fact that higher value items are the best money makers in the dropshipping world. The official brand price of a pair of Studio Empoli shoes is $350. This is a reasonable price for a high quality pair of handmade shoes for men. As mentioned above, as a dropship reseller you will be charged 40% of this price i.e. $140. Assuming that you decide to retail at 20% below our official brand price i.e. $280, your margin per sale would be $280 - $140 = $140. By selling just two pairs a day you would earn more than $8400 per month in profit. This is way easier than selling 1000s of pieces of a low priced item that gives a few dollars per sale.

Ready Product Feeds

All our dropship resellers are provided ready to use product feeds of our entire catalogue in csv format. Our feeds are ready for import into Shopify with just one click! The product feed will have complete information about each product, including images, descriptions, product codes, categories and prices. Our feed does not have inventory levels because we make each pair of shoes only after we receive an order. Practically this means that we have unlimited inventory of each item! So we are never out of stock on any design we sell.

Free & Fast Courier Shipping

At Studio Empoli we pride ourselves in providing an amazing customer experience based on very high service levels. As soon as we receive an order from you, our craftsmen go to work to produce that fine pair of handmade shoes your customers ordered. It takes us seven days to make the shoes by hand and then the order is immediately shipped out to your customer with a well known courier company like DHL or FEDEX with end-to-end tracking. We will send you the tracking number for each order we dispatch to your customers on the seventh day of your order placement with us. The order will be delivered in 3 to 5 days by the courier company to anywhere in the world. Just to be sure you should give your customers a 14 day promise for delivery from the time they place an order with you.

Promote Anywhere

Unlike many brands we do not prohibit our dropship partners from any online sales or promotional channel. You may freely list our products on marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. You may promote them on Google and Bing using paid or organic listings. You may bid on any keywords of your choice. Also feel free to sell through social media or blogs. Since we ship worldwide, you can also promote in any country of your choice with free shipping!

How to get started as a dropship reseller

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