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Studio Empoli is a maker of high quality handmade leather shoes for men. Our mission is to amaze our customers with the masterly craftsmanship and amazing comfort of our shoes. Studio Empoli shoes are meant to last more than a generation and most clients who wear them once become life long admirers. Each pair is made to order with numerous customization options. We make and deliver each pair within 14 days of order placement on our website.

Our Materials

We use only the finest quality leathers for each part of our shoes. The upper, mid-sole, outer-sole, inner-sole, welt, lining and heels are all made out of 100% premium grade leathers. Various leather pieces are cut, crafted and attached together to make each part of our shoes.

The making

Stage One

The design of the upper is marked out on a piece of high quality full grain leather of premium grade selection.

Stage Two

The upper pieces are cut out and stitched together by a master craftsman and a soft pure leather lining is attached.

Stage Three

A leather mid-sole is held under the shoe last while the upper is pulled over the last and both are attached together.

Stage Four

Pieces of leather are cut out for assembling the outer sole, welt and heel. The heel consists of pieces of pure leather stacked together.

Stage Five

Sole, welt and heel are attached  to the upper and mid-sole and stitched by hand with a single through and through stitch penetrating all layers.

Stage Six

the heel, sole and upper are polished by the artisan to give them their final look. Inner-sole and laces are added.

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